Monday, July 24, 2006

.My mood: sleepy and dead to the bone LAZY!.
My music: Coldplay – Trouble – just luv sappy sad songs now
My taste: craving for Cheese
My hair: Golden brown & all messed up..havent been to the saloon like since the stone ages
My clothes: I wear what I feel like wearing, since today is my lazy day, I’m wearing my dry cleaning suit
My annoyance: My weight..hey, it’s a big deal for us women!
My parfume : Channel ALLURE
I should be doing: WORK!
Whats for lunch today: I havent decided what to eat.
My wallpaper: A beautiful view of the beach..before that it was Johnny Depp

Do I….
Smoke?: I used to try em out but I’d rather buy shoes than ciggiesDo drugs?: not gonna sign my death wish with this
Like taking out the garbage: yes of course..i can be a clean freak sometimes
Drink: Ohh..yesss…I love fruit slushes,smoothies,all kinds of fruit shakes
Love dancing: Oh yessss….i love dancing..its my passion

What do I like best:

My clothes: my collection of clothes makes me feel..beautiful
My shoes: they make me feel confident (& taller for that matter..heheh)
My books: I can sink in all the pile of books that I have now
My car: that’s where I stuff all my belongings
My handbag: I can surprise myself to find whats in there
My PDA: my best friend that connects me to my love ones
My bed: Comfy…hmmm…zzzzzzzz
My Tefal: I bought it with my own sweat and I’m appreciating it everytime I use it
Godiva chocolate: It’s to die for man!!!!
Spa massage: I need it so badly!!!
Shopping: It’s therapeutic ..a remedy for all types of diseases least for me

My wish list:
EOS 350D
A holiday – island getaway
To be bloody rich so that I can bring my family and friends for a wonderful trip
A bigger and a beautiful Italian inspired kitchen – the kitchen is my sanctuary
Le Mer crème – hey they really work marvelously..I’ve tried it
To get my diving licence
Another COACH bag (I just can’t get enuf of it)

Pay day is just around the corner and I will spent it on:

I’m back to work now..;(


At 12:58 AM, Blogger Miss Natalie said...

I could say ditto for all - exept the smoking bit ;-)


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